In this installment of The Theatre-ist, The Theatre-ist delves into the THEATREWORKS production of Boeing Boeing, a French farce set in 1960’s Paris. (Full disclosure: Theatreworks underwrites with KRCC)

Boeing Boeing runs through Feb 13th. For more information, you can visit THEATREWORKS’ website HERE.


3 Responses to The Theatre-ist: Boeing Boeing, an Analytical Foray

  1. Sean says:

    everyone’s head should be pixelated – in life

  2. adam degraff says:

    transcending the medium at hand, into what i can’t quiet say, perhaps only “the idea of the highly improbable becoming probable.”

  3. jacques derrida says:

    Merci Beaucoup for this illuminating deconstruction of the most penetrating yet trivial theatrework of our time.–Jaques Derrida


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