In the late 19th Century, the residents of Colorado Springs celebrated the fertility of their thriving new city by festooning themselves and all manner of their conveyances with flowers. The Flower Parade marched the streets of downtown Colorado Springs from 1893 to 1912, when it was transformed into a more “Cowboys and Indians” type of affair that eventually became what we now know as the Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo – go figure. In this video, Matt Mayberry, Director of the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum takes us on the journey from flowers to road apples. Special thanks to the Pioneers Museum and the Denver Public Library for use of the photographs contained within the video.


3 Responses to The Olde Timey Flower Parade of Colorado Springs

  1. Nancy Wilsted says:

    Ooh, the original flower children, right here in River City! Let’s bring back that tradition. We’ll hitch up our burros and goats (?) and don our summer whites.

  2. kathryn says:

    What a local treasure — Matt Bayberry and the Pioneers Museum. Are there others waiting in the wings to continue his amazingly respectful and intuitive work on local history and culture? If not, we are doomed to be just like everywhere else. Thanks, Matt, and The Big Something for continuing to remind us why we love living here.

  3. Laura Spear says:

    Wonderful.. Would love to see more like this! Thanks so much!


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