2011: The Year That Was!

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If you’re wondering what 2011 has in store for the Pikes Peak region, wonder no more. We were fortunate enough to receive this radio news transmission from the future. Surprises aplenty await us as you can hear for yourself in this message from the future of the past! Learn the fates of such public figures as Douglas Bruce, Richard Skorman, Sean Paige and the Harlem Globetrotters!


5 Responses to 2011: The Year That Was!

  1. Rose Enyeart says:

    While I didn’t lol, I did enjoy the preview of the year to come. I wasn’t sure about the sea going monster, though, that was hard to believe. The rest seemed too credible.

  2. atomicelroy says:

    Now, that’s more like it!

  3. Jeremy Van Hoy says:

    Yes, I can!

  4. davoth says:

    It was, or is going to be, quite a year! In lieu of a year’s end celebration, I shall crack that bottle of Champagne Bologna on the head of Doug Bruce to bid christen him godspeed on his voyage to hell, from whence he came.


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