Executive Director of the Bee Vradenburg Foundation, Susan Edmondson shares a heartfelt and most earnest plea.


6 Responses to Susan Edmondson Wants The Very Best For You

  1. LOVE this segment with Susan! Love all of them, but Susan made my morning today!

    My favourite shows are the Big Something, Wait Wait Don’t Tell me and locals shows where I hear the lovely voices of Delaney, Marina, Matthew, Craig, Noel and kick me next time, anyone I forgot. I tried to renew while driving on Saturday so that KRCC would get a matching gift. Think it worked (for the match) but I don’t recommend the driving and almost crashing bit.

  2. Ellen Troyer says:

    This is brilliant!!!

  3. Jim Jackson says:

    Now that is beautiful!

  4. Kevin J. says:

    My mother is ashamed of me, it’s true. But it’s not because I don’t contribute to KRCC.

    Terrific spot, all. Very clever to use Susan E. to deliver this message of guilt.

  5. Becca says:

    BWAHAHAHAHA! Best (read: Most Entertaining) Big Something yet!

  6. Jeremy Van Hoy says:

    Awesome. Outtakes, please!


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