Internationally acclaimed artist Patrick Dougherty, the man behind the “stick huts” on the Colorado College campus at the northeast corner of Cache la Poudre and Cascade in Colorado Springs, has just been featured in the latest issue of People Magazine. Additionally, Dougherty has recently published a book detailing the various stick sculptures he’s completed around the world. We had a chance to speak with Dougherty during the creation and installation of the piece on the CC campus. For more information on Dougherty’s book and his art, click here.


4 Responses to Stick Work

  1. adam degraff says:

    great interview. super cool sculpture. totally envious. i want to be a 3 week stick man.

  2. Phil Kramer says:

    I would have like to hear how long his works last?

  3. Craig Richardson says:

    Phil, the works are very much temporary. The one at CC may have a life of 2 to 3 years, depending on variables such as weather, lasers and potato bugs.

  4. chrisN says:

    Thanks, great interview! Not only is that sculpture fanciful, beautiful, thought provoking, etc., but it smells wonderful, too.


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