Former speaker of the state house Andrew Romanoff is urging his supporters to vote for senator Michael Bennet just two days after a bruising primary. As Bente Birkeland reports – Romanoff and Bennet appeared together with fellow Democrats for a rally to try and bring the party together.

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One Response to Democrats Unity Rally

  1. John H Kennedy says:

    Nearly half of Colorado’s Democrats despise Michael Bennet and the awful fact that Obama Bought the Senate Nomination for him. Obama used his private Army, Organizing For America to do telemarketing from Washington DC to Colorado to persuade vulnerable first time voters that Bennet did not screw Denver Pubic Schools and Colorado Taxpayers, as the New York Times articles claimed. In addition Obama caused $7,000,000 to flow to Bennet. A great many Romanoff supporters have said

    they will not vote for Bennet under any circumstances, saying that it is the only way to send a message to the party elites and keep this buying of a Senate Seat from happening again.

    At the Unity Rally many Democrats showed up with blue ROMANOFF SIGNS and one huge sign said

    Romanoff TV Ads & NY Times said Bennet was a crook, now Romanoff says Vote For The Crook

    This Primary will not be over until the November Ballot. The Colorado Democratic Grassroots Activists are really Angry.

    Leave the space next to Bennet’s name “BLANK”


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