The clarion call of Pikes Peak and the surrounding area has been answered by a multitude of people seeking a better life for the better part of two centuries. Whether the attraction was gold, the arts, the military and its associated industries, or even evangelical Christianity; the Pikes Peak region has enchanted the imaginations of those seeking new opportunities in the shadow of the mythic grandeur of America’s Mountain. Sometimes it works out and other times it doesn’t. This is the story of a time when it didn’t. We found a comic strip of sorts dating back to May of 1859 in the Pikes Peak Library’s archives that tells the tale of Honest Abner Howe and his journey to Pike’s Peak in search of a rapid fortune.


3 Responses to Honest Abner's Pikes Peak Bust

  1. Mike Procell says:

    Me liketh.

  2. tOkKa says:

    –>> Howbeit quit awesome that it is i proclaim this sequential piece to be, thus tho’ and wherein the vernacular beyond yin grocery counter thee “Ye’s” and the “Ya’s” done veritably maketh mine cranium hurteth.

    ~ t

  3. chrisN says:

    Jeez, at first it seemed like a sound business idea?

    I liked the art work and the story was nicely twisted.


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