If you’ve ever driven down Cascade Avenue between Uintah and Cache La Poudre on a sunny Spring day, you may have seen Colorado College students balancing on a narrow line strung between two trees. It’s a sport and it’s called “slacklining” and it lives somewhere in the nebulous realm between tightrope walking, rock climbing and…. Big Something Intern Emma Hatridge explains in this third installment of our “weird sports” series.

Many thanks to Emma Hatridge for all her help with just about everything imaginable this year, and best of luck to her as she moves to Chicago!


5 Responses to Man on Weird: Slacklining

  1. Nancy Atherton says:

    It’s a huge pleasure to watch a sport that hasn’t yet been coopted by Nike or regimented by judging panels. Just pure fun on a flat rope. Fantastic!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Emma, great job! What a fun Big Something. Looks like a lot of fun…

  3. Mary H says:

    So cool. Thanks! Much better college pass-time than Halo or Gears of War or FB.

  4. Mike Procell says:

    Aye, tis always a question of balance..

  5. Lenore Fleck says:

    There is a great movie, titled “Man on Wire,” about a French man who was an extreme tightrope walker. Played at Kimball’s awhile ago…maybe available to rent?


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