We are very pleased to announce that, beginning today and every weekday from here forward, we will be embedding one song (or more) available for free download on The Big Something. The songs will be lovingly hand-picked by Delaney, Noel or one of our KRCC DJs. For the time being, we’ll be choosing most of the offerings from the amazing Free Music Archive, which we wrote about many months ago HERE. However, there may be other great tracks offered up by local bands, national acts or recordings we’ve done here in-studio. Listen up for these tracks on air, too! By the end of each week, you could have a brand new sound track for your weekend ready to deposit on your favorite mp3 player. Of course, we would be remiss if we didn’t encourage you to support the FMA and the bands (buy their albums!) if you love what you’re hearing. It’s a great service and the bands are incredibly generous to make this music available.

The beautiful thing about the FMA songs is that we can embed them here on The Big Soemthing, you can listen to the track here and then download it if you like it by clicking the arrow next to the player. Listen up for these tracks to be played on air, too! This is all part of our ongoing efforts to row row row our boat gently down the digital stream while continuing to bring you the quality music and local information that you’ve come to expect from KRCC. For today, we’ve picked a few extras. Enjoy and we greatly appreciate your feedback!

To start things off, here are THREE picks. The first, from Delaney, is “Phantoms” by the Detroit band Paik off their 2006 release Monsters of the Absolute. Writes Delaney:

“It’s a little raunchy, like it could be some of the back room music at the Roadhouse in Twin Peaks.”

Here are two from the “band” Pregnant. Writes Noel:

“theres a river” is the digital stream I want to row row row my boat down, gently. “for sometimes” is just something I felt I had to share with you.


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  1. tOkKa says:

    –>> ..yeh sic..


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