In the short seven months since The Big Something began, we have produced 152 posts, which include over a hundred produced features. We’re proud and hope you’ve been enjoying it. We also hope that The Big Something has, in some small way, changed the way you see the Pikes Peak Region.

Here are KRCC General Manager Delaney Utterback and TBS Producer Noel Black’s five favorites (it was hard to choose!) from the past year respectively and we’d love to hear your favorites in the comments. Thanks for a great year!

Delaney’s Top 5:

1. Boxatron.

2. Hair Wreaths

3. Shoegazer Grafitti.

4. A Tour of the Towers Atop Cheyenne Mountain.

5. Faces of Pride.

Noel Black

1. Planet Alley: The Strange and Distant World Behind Your House.

2. A Bad Day For Mickey: Mousetraps from the Pioneers Museum

3. Roy Linton’s Mischievous Posters

4. A Naturalist’s Guide to Gas Rigs.

5. Penny Arcade Song Contest Winners. (Click HERE for a link to the original request with a slideshow of beautiful stencil art from the arcade games.)


2 Responses to Spock & Kirk's Top Ten Big Somethings 2009

  1. tOkKa says:

    –>> ..damn, love the arcade mix- clever.

  2. awd says:

    only had time for one of these today and i chose back alleys. good choice. the best of the big something have the resonance of a great art show. this one may be best yet, but i also loved the sewer photos posted awhile back. great eye, noel. i’ll never look at alleys the same. keep up the good work.


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